Story Tool – Bootstrap

sceneFire  © Studio C / ajellebeans.  All Rights Reserved.

In recent weeks, work on the UI/UX storyboarding we’re calling SCENEFIRE has taken some really cool steps.

With a shift to using Bootstrap, we start realizing the first viable version of our storyboarding tool for UI/UX designers and developers is a heck of a lot closer.

For those of you unfamiliar with the awesomeness of Bootstrap – it’s a collection of tools for creating websites and web apps that utilizes HTML and CSS.  With it, we can very quickly plug in color schemes, thumbnails/images, and various content to create a visually pleasing and fully functional site.  Depending on what templates you use, your content can be gorgeous across multiple platforms – which can help you take the stress out of designing for desktop AND mobile!

Did I mention our content will be Retina-ready?

sceneFire © Studio C / ajellebeans. All Rights Reserved.

In the example above, we show you that the three main components of the first iteration of the storyboarding tool would enable you to choose a background (or environment) for your use case, then add people and various accessories (think mobile devices, speech bubbles, text).

sceneFire © Studio C / ajellebeans. All Rights Reserved.

Once selected, an enlarged image of the selected background (or environment) is displayed with a description.  From here, there would be an option to move forward with the creation of the scene – add people, add accessories – then, viola!  You would be presented with the option to save, email, or print.

I’m excited about the progress and look forward to hearing your suggestions for what kinds of environments (office spaces, coffee shops, etc) you’d like to see.


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