© studio c | all rights reserved | Autumnal Night

Quick Create: Autumnal Night

© studio c | all rights reserved | Mod-Retro Thanksgiving palette

I live in a neck of the PNW that spent the last weekend being pummeled by rain, rattled by thunder, and basically tossed around in one Hell of an Autumnal storm.  As we prepared to lose power (thankfully we never did), I hunkered down with Doctor Sleep and my sketch pad.

As night fell, I found myself looking out the window more than the words and sketches on the page.  Beneath the street light just across the front yard danced the most beautiful colors – golden orange and blues – watery and fluid from the rain.  I grabbed my camera and snapped up some shots – none of them, of course, doing the colors seen by the bare eye any kind of justice.

© studio c | all rights reserved | Autumnal NightThis morning, during my “quick create” exercise, I decide to do a small piece using the colors from the palette with a theme that focuses on fluidity.  While a part of me seems to snag visually on the dark blue smudge, instead of removing or modifying it, I decide to leave it.  It reminds me of the storm, of the coming night.

What I love about this palette is the dark blue and dark purple – both very similar in value, but just different enough to be visually interesting when paired with the lighter tones.  It’s a lot of fun to mess around with and I hope you will.


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