Say Cheese – Animation

When you have a design like “Say Cheese” it’s almost true to say it can practically animate itself.  With a classic Polaroid camera and speech bubbles, as soon as the art was prepped and ready for import into Flash, I’d already storyboarded the entire piece in my head.

The real opportunity to delight the user sprung from the idea to add a flash to the bulb and sound effects during the intro animation of the design, or the “concept reveal”.

With six vibrant backgrounds and seven different titles to choose from, I still thought there was room for more user customization.  I threw in the ability to turn the speech bubble on/off and while I was at it, I wired in functionality to enable the user to customize the bubble’s color if they so desired.  After all, if I believe in anything, when it comes to design, it’s that people want to make things their own.  Why not help them?

This fully customizable, playful greeting features art by Rastar and is available in the Smilebox service now.


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