Story Tool: It Needs to Have…

© studio c | all rights reserved | storyboarding tool

Over the long Thanksgiving weekend, I spent some time considering what tools needed to be included in the first iteration of the Storyboarding tool I blogged about last week.  Thanks to some great feedback from JB @UXSuccess, I realized the tool could easily be expanded to include features like the import of Balsamiq style screen drawings.  And while we’re at it, we should really allow the user to import photographs or other sketches they may have on their computer.

Of course, anything you allow the user to import or otherwise add to a scene needs to be fully customizable – that means some kind of edit dialog is required to facilitate the basics (at least): rotate, scale, position.  That comes later – but the emphasis should be on ease of use.

© studio c | all rights reserved | storyboarding tool

I also spent some time thinking about how creating personas could be fun and robust.  When editing/modifying a persona, I wanted to take a top-down approach.  My thought was to make it really fast and easy if a user needed to mock up a scene quickly, but to also facilitate further refinement.

With this in mind, I thought about having high-level vs. low-level items.  High-level facial expressions would be grins and frowns, whereas low-level, or more refined facial expressions would be variations on smiles from a contented smirk to a full-blown grin.  Again, the emphasis is on ease and delight.

The idea behind the functionality is that if the user needs it, GREAT!  If not, no big deal.  The low-level facial expression options should not get in the way and unnecessarily hinder the user’s process.


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