A Mod-Retro Turkey Day

© studio c | all rights reserved | Mod-Retro Thanksgiving palette

I love looking to the past for inspiration.  With more than 5000 years of art, history, and culture to draw from, you can find ideas everywhere.  Everywhere.

When I learned that the Library of Congress made thousands of pieces of art digitally available to the public, I lost many hours (some would argue days, since the site has been available since 1994) perusing their site.  It is an almost endless virtual museum where I go from time to time to study photography, art, advertising design, architecture, typography, and color.  Of course, you can even read newspapers if you are so inclined.

The piece below entitled “The first Thanksgiving, 1621“, is a rich, lovingly detailed account of the first Thanksgiving.  It is beautifully, if not subtly, colored.  For me, it was the perfect source for some holiday and seasonal color inspiration.  While I don’t, personally, celebrate the history of Thanksgiving, I do love coming together with friends and family and showing gratitude and humility.

The first Thanksgiving, 1621 / J.L.G. Ferris
The first Thanksgiving, 1621 / J.L.G. Ferris

Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours.


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