"Filter Fun" collage by Studio C

Portfolio: “Filter Fun” collage

"Filter Fun" collage by Studio C

Old photographs give us a sense of history.  They are a direct link to the past, to those fleeting moments that stand forever frozen in time.  I love rummaging through my parents old photos – many of them worn, scratched, but more beautiful today than they day they were taken.  Vintage photography seems to capture something that today’s high definition digital photography defies – the beauty of imperfection.

“Filter Fun” collage is my homage to vintage photography.

The layouts in the design itself are meant to be very structurally straightforward – all right angles, even gutters and margins.  I wanted the image layout to be simple enough that, when the filters were added, would not be visually overstimulating.  There’s only so much an eye can see and I wanted all the focus to be on the images.

After I had the layouts designed, I wanted to dig into the creation of the filter sets.  I knew there would be a vintage, lumography-esque filter … had to be, because that is what I had fallen in love with all those years ago as I thumbed through boxes of my parent’s old photos.  These filters would have blends that made the original colors seem more saturated, or washed out.  And, these filters would also need some distressing to give the imagery a dated, loved feeling.

I started in Illustrator, creating layer after layer of brush strokes and distressing.  I wanted to create a unique filter for each image in each layout – 36 unique image filters in all.  The work took several weeks – not because it was difficult, but because, as with any labor of love, you want it to be “just so” and anything short of that was unacceptable or just down right disappointing.

With the vintage filters complete, I also decided to give a little love to the halftone filter vibe.  So, I set out to create another 36 image filters, this time using the halftone pattern that reminds many of us of the daily newspaper and comic books.

"Filter Fun" collage by Studio C - halftone example

“Filter Fun” was an odyssey into the past, into what made yesterday so unique and why so many lament for days of yore.

Available now in the Smilebox catalog.


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