"Hip Strips" slideshow by Studio C

Portfolio: “Hip Strips”

"Hip Strips" slideshow by Studio C

“Hips Strips” slideshow is the first in a series of designs that utilizes a background that cycles between a range of colors within a given color palette during playback.  The color palettes: neutral, warm, and cool each had ten different colors within their grouping.  As the slideshow plays, the background color cycles from one color to the next in a gentle progression.

I decided to overlay the background with a series of vertical strips.  Each strip has a different degree of opacity, width and velocity.  They navigate across the screen, behind the photo and return from whence they came only to begin anew.

The slideshow, like others I have done, offers a range of customizable elements including transition type, font style, and music.  It is also designed to accommodate  any size or orientation of photo or video content the user might use.  Designed in collaboration with ajellebeans who lent considerable Flash development expertise to the build and overall refinement of the design.

Available now in the Smilebox catalog.


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