"Contour Couture" by Studio C

Portfolio: “Contour Couture”

"Contour Couture" slideshow by Studio C

Slideshows are an easy way to share a ton of your photos, yes, true – everyone knows that.  The real challenge of a great slideshow is to make a user’s photos come to life, or, at least make the user’s photos look better than they do.

With this challenge in mind, I set out to create “Contour Couture”.

I love playing with basic geometric shapes in my design work.  For “Contour Couture” I decided to use a sphere.  Six of them, to be exact.  Inside five of the spheres would be a duplicate of the user’s original image, only colorized to match a color in the user’s selected color palette.  The last of the spheres would be the user’s original, untouched photograph/video.  This last, sixth image would zoom in to the original, unmasked size, tweening from it’s lower right hand corner position to a central spot in the design.  The animation is designed to be organic, flowing, relaxing.

"Contour Couture" by Studio C

As the user’s photo takes the center stage, one by one, all of the spheres scale down until they disappear.  The user’s photo, once used as the design’s art, has now become the focal point as everything else (save the nav controls and journal/caption) has faded away.

Designed in collaboration with ajellebeans who lent her considerable Flash know-how to the build.

Available now in the Smilebox catalog.


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