"Photo Fan" collage by Studio C

Portfolio: “Photo Fan”

"Photo Fan" collage by Studio C

I love collages, especially ones that allow the user to really dig in and customize the look and feel to complement their photographs.  The challenge is to find new ways to make user’s photo look great.  I set out to design a collage that allowed the user a unique, fun way to present their photos while offering color schemes and fonts galore.

“Photo Fan” collage is the result.

With eight color schemes, three font styles and layouts featuring 1 – 10 photos, the collage has something for just about everyone.  After the initial design and build, I realized I wanted to give the design some added punch.  I was thinking animation and interactivity.

The intro animation had to be organic, surprising – I wanted that moment of “smile”.  So, I began by breaking apart the fan masks used to give the images their unique shape and then sequentially animated them scaling in.  I also threw in click to zoom functionality realizing that at the maximum number of photos, the images could be fairly small – and let’s face it, sometimes you just want BIG.

Available now in the Smilebox catalog.


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