"Retro Birthday" slideshow by Studio C

Portfolio: “Retro Birthday”

"Retro Birthday" slideshow by Studio C

Sometimes a concept will lodge in my head … like a splinter.  The concept can be anything – dots, patterns, image flow, color.  Anything.  In the case of “Retro Slideshow” it was a little bit of everything.  Maybe I was listening to too much Madonna, Blondie and Cyndi Lauper.  Or maybe I was watching too many episodes of “Rupaul’s Drag Race”.  Whatever the culprit, I had to get the splinter out.

I wanted to create a slideshow that wasn’t afraid to use bold, bright colors.  I also wanted to use disjointed lines.  I saw them animating in from the left and right in an alternating pattern, like a crazy zipper.

There was also the dot matrix font (it had to be dot matrix) that would read “happy birthday” – I saw this changing color during playback, cycling through the colors in the user selected palette.

The end result is a fun, color-filled slideshow that accommodates any video/photo orientation and size.

Available now in the Smilebox catalog.


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