Life as a Business Owner

Today, it hit me.  I have a WordPress blog that I used to adore.  What ever happened to it?

Oh.  That’s right.  I started my own design business }  Studio C.  And like a small child, it requires and demands much of my time, attention, focus and creative blood.  My blogs were the first in a long line of sacrifices offered in an effort to appease the venture, but they weren’t to be the last.  In their wake has come a plethora of new and exciting interactive designs, illustrations and greetings.

Yes, some 18 months have elapsed since last we met.  We’ve grown older, you and I, but wily and shiny with creative fervor.  Now, as the end of another draws near, and I find myself with a spare moment or two, I shall endeavor to share some of my concepts.

Stay tuned.


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