on: creating the first Smilebox calendar

In collaboration with one of our Project Managers, Ann Tooke (who I’ve worked with since she began creating her own line of Smilebox designs – the “Simply” series), I’ve just finished building the first calendar in the Smilebox catalog.  You guessed it: “Simply Calendar”  —

design by Ann Tooke, multimedia design by Cassie L. Taylor
design by Ann Tooke, multimedia design by Cassie L. Taylor

Built with twelve pages (with twelve editable points for customization, referred to as “Month 1” through “Month 12”), the calendar is chocked full of user customizable goodness from choosing a starting month, choosing font colors from a spectrum, image filters, and twelve different layouts.

The user may choose to begin with any month up to January 2010 and the design “autofills” the rest of the calendar with subsequent months, making the actually editing of the calendar less work for the customer. 

The hue slider was a bit of work – given the saturation and brightness values from the designer, the month and calendar’s colors adjust when the user selects a new value on the hue slider within the UI panel.  To get the color just right required taking that value and converting it first to an hsb value, then to an rgb value, and finally into a hex value that could be used in a tinting protoype.  I’ve since extended this code to work with the Smilebox text component.

Many of the layouts feature click to zoom images, with a great assortment of visually pleasing portrait, square, and landscape photo layouts. 

The design review went smoothly – receiving “perfect” marks with no requests for change.  I attribute that to Ann’s keen design sense and her ability to clearly communicate complex ideas with ease.  I look forward to creating more calendars in the (very near) future.


2 thoughts on “on: creating the first Smilebox calendar

  1. Hiya! Do you sell rights to your slideshows? I’m a pro photographer and I’m interested in learning how I can have a design to download. Your work is incredible!

  2. Hi Christy – thanks for contacting me. All of the work seen on Smilebox can be embedded into your blog or website (even Facebook now!). Let me know if you’d like more information and I’ll be happy to help you out.

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